Air and Mine Equipment Institute of Australia
About AMEI


AMEI is the Air and Mine Equipment Institute of Australasia which is a public company limited by guarantee. The Board of Directors comprises Senior Executives nominated by member companies.

The Institute was previously known as ACAMEI (Australian Compressed Air and Mining Equipment Institute) until the Board voted to shorten the name to AMEI in July 1993.

The current AMEI Executive Committee comprises the Chairman, a Vice Chairman and the Executive Director. The Chairman and the Vice Chairman are senior executives of member companies operating within the industry. The Executive Director is appointed by the Board.

AMEI is a non-profit organisation and has operated since 1968. Membership is drawn from Australia's largest compressed air and mine equipment companies and major suppliers of tools.

AMEI also operates a separate division:


The combined total sales value of current members is approximately 80% of the total Australian sales of products covered by the Members of the Institute. These are:

  • Portable and stationary air and gas compressors including large sized air compressors for manufacturing industry, mining and construction as well as small to medium sized commercial compressors.
  • Compressed air treatment equipment such as dryers, filters and oil/water separators.
  • Pneumatic and hydraulic tools for civil engineering and manufacturing, mining, quarrying and construction industries.
  • Pneumatic and hydraulic rock drills, surface drill rigs, underground drilling jumbos for development, production and roof bolting, raise drills, load haul dumpers, underground trucks and continuous mining machinery.
  • Drill steels, drill rods, couplings, shank adaptors and all drilling and breaking materials and tools.