Air and Mine Equipment Institute of Australia
Goals and Objectives


  • AMEI is committed to promoting the interests of its members and to provide a forum for industry issues to be discussed and acted upon by the main market participants at the highest level.
  • AMEI is committed to networking with associations in related market areas to ensure that any lobby on important or controversial issues is communicated with maximum effect.
  • AMEI is committed to providing a range of commercial, technical and marketing services for the regular and ongoing benefit of all members in the Compressed Air, Mining and Quarrying Equipment Industries throughout Australia and New Zealand.
  • AMEI is committed to being the leading institution throughout Australia and New Zealand in supporting, strengthening and developing its members industries.


The objectives of the Institute are to promote and further the public interest in relation to the air and gas compressor and pneumatic and hydraulic mining machinery and power tools industries by:

  • developing and publishing standards and engineering information for air and gas compressors and pneumatic and hydraulic mining machinery;
  • representing members before government and other bodies in matters relating to the industry;
  • seeking improvements in the goods and services which the industry offers to the public;
  • engaging in educational and research activities relating to the industry;
  • collecting and disseminating information of value to its members and to the public.
  • Raising the level of awareness by customer groups, governments and the general public, of our industry and its contribution to the mining and construction industries - the backbone of the economy.
  • Providing a strong and co-ordinated industry voice on important issues such as:
    (a) Noise regulations and environmental issues.
    (b) Safety and health in the work place.
    (c) Pressure Vessel design codes.
    (d) The development of relevant Australian and New Zealand Standards.
    (e) Business ethics.
    (f) Product reliability and safety.
    (g) Product liability.
    (h) Taxes and charges such as sales tax and import duty rates.
    (i) Education.
    (j) Non-genuine spare parts and unauthorised reverse engineering.
    (k) Protection of intellectual property.
  • Developing its membership to maintain at least an 80% coverage of each industry sector.
  • Making and maintaining contact with other industry associations and key government and regulatory groups with the specific goal of becoming the "voice" of our industry.
  • Providing total market information and industry statistics on a regular basis for the use of members.
  • Provide its members with a long-term investment return on their fees and involvement by providing the highest quality in terms of membership, services and people.


AMEI is actively seeking additional strong support of Federal, State and Local Governments, members of the industry, the media and the general community. We aim to coordinate the strength of our industry and to communicate its importance to the economy of our nation. We welcome your comments and feedback - contact us