Air and Mine Equipment Institute of Australia




Members have revitalised the Institute by:

a: Changing the name and corporate image of the Institute;

b: Producing a professional brochure of our activities

c: Electing a new Chairman and a new Vice Chairman;

d: Becoming actively engaged in the fight to protect the "Intellectual property" of our members and other major Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs);

f: Incorporating the Institute as a company limited by guarantee;

g: Restructuring market statistical information on key sales figures of the total market by specific product;


h: Keeping updated on key technical and commercial legislation changes that may affect the profitability of the members businesses;

i: Organising a cooperative network with the Welding Technology Institute of Australia (WTIA) and the Australian Institute for the Certification of Inspection Personnel;

j: Creating a structure for future growth of the Institute by Associate membership category.

k: Expanding the membership and range of market sectors.

l: Forming the Compresed Air Association of Australasia (CAAA) as a separate division within AMEI;